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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sweet Sugar Giveaway! and Colorful Bottle Giveaway

Check out the Sweet Sugar's giveaway, what a lovely selection of goodies =)

Hey just an update to another give away follow this link to check it out :

Royal Wedding =)

Wohooo it's almost here! I thought I would prepare in advance as I shall be sitting and watching the Royal Wedding all day tomorrow =) 

So for my Royal themed nails of course I chose to do some Union Jack's and Crowns.

I thought I would show the process of this mani as it took me quite a while to do! 
I started off with painting all my nails apart from my ring fingers with Essence Jelly Baby 'Cotton Candy', I then added French Tips using Rimmel's White Tip. I added another coat of Cotton Candy and then a topcoat of SV. For my ring fingers I started out with ChG First Mate and a coat of SV. 
So here you can see the French Tips and tiny blue and red dots, this was the start to nail art but I didn't know which bit to do 1st! On my blue accent finger you can just make out a line, but because it didn't jump out, I took the whole lot off and started my ring fingers again =(

I started off using tape, but then got impatient! 

So I just decided to free hand instead! Here you can see my white Union Jack, I used 2 different methods on this, 1st of all I used Rimmel's White Tip and drew on the main cross with a flat ended nail art brush. Then I used a long thin nail art brush to neaten up the edges and to draw on the smaller lines.
I used my new dotting tools =) I used Rimmel's White Tip, ChG First Mate and Essence Jelly Baby 'Cherry Juice' to make the dots along my tip line. 
Ok back to the Union Jacks, I used the thin nail art brush and Cherry Juice and 'carefully' drew on the red lines. This was my right hand (that you never see!) so I'm quite impressed if I do say so myself lol

Right so to neaten it up a little and to add a bit of pizazz I used my new Barry M 'Red Glitter' to go over the red lines. 

Of course I then added a coat of SV. (Think they might need another coat looking at them now, the glitter's eaten it)

I thought I would show you what I used for this mammoth task. So from left to right; Leighton Denny 'Priceless', Essence Jelly Baby 'Cotton Candy', Rimmel 'Nail Tip Whitener', ChG 'First Mate', Barry M 'Red Glitter', Essence Jelly Baby 'Cherry Juice' and SV. 

This is the Bundle Monster plate I used (BM08), I used the crown seen here. I did this in Leighton Denny 'Priceless' which is really sheer gold, so it flashes up in the light rather than being visible all the time.

You can just about see the crown

So everything was topped off with my favourite top coat Seche Vite all ready foe the big day =)

Hope You Like and Enjoy the Wedding!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Mani Update

Couldn't resist showing off this little treat I bought in Germany, thought it would be perfect to eat at Easter, tasted just like Candy Floss =)  

And so onto the nails. 

The flowers were slightly disappointing, I still have them on my thumbs but I couldn't resist a little update on my accent fingers. For the Royal Wedding I shall be helping my besty whip up 100 cupcakes, so I thought this  was perfectly fitting!  
I used a Bundle Monster Plate with the cupcake design (sorry I don't have the plates with me to tell you which 1 it is) I used Leighton Denny Madison for the pink cupcake.

You can just about see the yellow cupcake, but again this didn't show up on the blue too well. Anyway this is another cupcake done in Fiercely Fiona. And then I thought I would make them sparkle! So I added what I think is a favourite of mine, Orly's Prisma Silver Gloss. 

And although I probably didn't need it I still added a topcoat of SV 

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sparkle Toes

 This pedi began as something quite different. I was planning on doing another star burst design using tape in pastels. I started out with two coats of ChG White on White, but it was too hot outside so the polish didn't go on great! So I scrapped the original plans and added two coats of Essence's Julia.  

This pedi sparkles so much in the sunshine =) perfect for sandal weather.

Hope you like =) 

Strawberry Suprise

The inspiration for this mani came from

My attempt was not quite as perfect, but it got plenty of compliments =)
I started out with two coats of Leighton Denny Some Like It Hot. Then came the tricky bit! 
I used LA Colours Art Deco nail art polish in white and drew on zigzag leaves. After these dried, I used nail art brushes and OPI's Who the Shrek Are You? to colour in the leaves. (So fiddly!) 

I used a small straight nail art brush to create tiny lines in ChG White on White and then topped them in OPI's Fiercely Fiona. 

In the future it would be much easier to use pinking shears and tape to create the leaves (thought of this half way through my second hand!) 

But all in all I liked this and hope you do to =)

Jelly Baby!

This is a work friendly mani, so I picked my new Essence Jelly Baby Cotton Candy. This is a lovely nude jelly, only 1 coat! 

Its super shiny all by itself =)

But as usual, I couldn't leave it as it was! So I added a coat of Essence Top Speed polish Last Call. This was a lovely delicate glitter that in some lights shone green.

Yep all topped off with a layer of SV. Hope you like =)

Spotty Dotty Purple

I started this mani with Jessica's Purple Essence, two coats gives a lovely lilac crème. 

I then added a coat of Orly's Love Each Other, a purple sparkle topcoat. 

You can see the flecks better glinting in the sun when its out of focus. 

I then decided to make this mani spotty! I used Essence's Troy and made spots using a large hair grip. 

I then added ChG White Cap and then a tiny dot on top of ChG Ahoy! 

Then yes of course I added a coat of SV. 

Hope you like! 

Latest Haul! And Easter Treats =)

So onto my latest purchases =) 
I just loved the Shrek Collection by OPI so I decided a mini collection would be perfect. In this collection from left to right are: What's with the Cattitude?, Fiercely Fiona, Rumple's Wiggin' and Who the Shrek Are You? 
 Pefect spring colours me thinks.

Then came my absolute bargain! This little Leighton Denny set was found in T K Maxx for £30 instead of £85!
Inside this kit was: One For All *Base Coat, Top Coat*, Precision Corrector Fluid and Brush, Essential Remover, Intense Manicure Oil, Best Defence *Hand and Nail Cream*, Uno File and Hoof Stick. The nail polishes were from left to right: Monroe, Some Like It Hot, Madison and Millionaire. All extremely gorgeous and smelling like a spa! 

Then I got the Leighton Denny bug! So these dropped on my doorstep a couple of days later. These are a couple from Urban Retreat's Hand and Nail range created by Leighton Denny, on the left is Mysterious a chocolate brown shimmer and on the right Priceless a beautiful gold. 

Oh yes another Leighton Denny, Glitz and Glamour which is a lovely bronze glitter.
This box set came from John Lewis, a bargain at £3.49, I bought it mainly for the blue glitter in the bottom left corner. Unfortunately these Chit Chat polishes have no names =( 

I had so many polishes collected in boxes I couldn't actually see them! I set to being creative a la Blue Peter =) 

I made these display stands out of shoe boxes then wrapped in Brown Paper, they don't look to shabby if I say so myself =)  

I just thought I'd show of my Easter treats Mmmmmm =) 

Easter Mani

Happy Easter! 

So I thought a nice spring mani was called on for Easter. I decided to use my new mini Shrek Collection by OPI, because the colours just scream spring. I started with two coats of What's with the Cattitude? which is a beautiful pale blue creme. 

 It goes perfectly with my dress of the day.

And also matches my bracelet =)

I topped it off with a coat of SV to make it super shiny.

I added a flower to my accent finger and thumb. I used a hair grip as my dotting tools have still not arrived! I used Rumple's Wiggin' and Fiercely Fiona also from the OPI Shrek collection. 

Hope you like! And have a great Easter =)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Orange Blossom

This was just a quick mani, using inspiration from alot of blogs and you tube sites for dotting. I don't have a dotting tool atm (its on its way!) so I used a hair grip lol

I started with 3 coats of my un-named ChG and then added the pink flower dots using ChG Ahoy!, I filled in the middles using ChG White on White and then added an extra white flower on my accent finger.

Poor lighting here (sorry) but it shows up the flowers best. Of course all was topped of with a coat of SV.

Hope you like =)