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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Essence Cracking

This is the 1st mani I have done whilst sitting writing the blog. I've seen alot of crackle manis on other blogs today so I thought I would join in. I haven't done a crackle mani for a while so I thought I would try out my new Essence Cracking Base and Top Coat. These are some of the haul I bought in Germany, and I felt a bit daft that I fell for the *base coat* seen as you can use any colour underneath, however, painting this base coat on I am so happy!

 This is called Sparkling Silver and boy does it sparkle!
Super metallic, it is made up of tiny weeny little silver glitter. 

 Onto the crackle Crack me! Black. This was just as I put it on.

 And this is once it finished cracking, me likes =)
This is my right hand, just thought it was funny how they ended up cracking so different. I've added it to my thumbs aswell. Once that's dry I will add my faithful SV.

Hope you like =)


  1. I like silver foil finishes. Blingtastic! That is the one thing I like about crackle polishes - each crackle pattern can be so different from the other.

  2. That's a very nice combination with that black crackle on top of it!

  3. Wonder if we'll get Essence cracking here; I'm guessing no. Thank goodness so many lines have a variation out now.

  4. Haha I had to go to Germany to get mine, the do it in Europe but not England! I do like the essence range though, some great colours and at such low prices, keep buying them from ebay now =/