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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nail Art Crazy

Its been a while but I have finally completed all 6 assignments =) so I finally have some time to catch up with the blog. So whilst struggling through an annoyingly long essay, the post man rang the doorbell and presented me with a lovely box of two way nail art pens. All 80 of them =) An absolute bargain from eBay. 

So after I got them all out of the box this is what I found.

I can't actually fit them all in one box so I took over the lid too.

 I got them out to try and see all the colours, so there's peaches, browns and bronzes, silvers and greys, yellows and golds, pinks to reds to purples, the greens and blues. There's a mixture of crèmes, shimmers and glitters. 
So time to play with these =) 


  1. HOLY CRAP that's a lot of nail art polish!! *jealous*

  2. Haha there is rather alot =) they were an absolute bargain from ebay tho, only £19.95 for the whole lot!