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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Nail Art Practice

Well this weekend I'm going to a Ladies Night and work the next morning, so I thought I would try some nail art that would go with my dress and that would be suitable for work the next morning also. So I thought I would have a little practice in preparation.
I started out with 2 coats of Essence Jelly Baby 'Cotton Candy' and then a coat of ChG White Cap to add a little sparkle.

 It shines nicely in what limited sunshine we've been getting! 

 OK on to the nail art. I started out with just the accent finger at 1st. Unfortunately the 2 way nail art polishes don't have names or numbers =( So I used a Royal Blue crème to draw two sweeping lines, one from the top right to the bottom left and the second shorter line from the centre to 2/3 down the left hand side. I filled in between the two lines with dark blue glitter.  

 After that I decided to do the rest of my fingers with a different design, I used the same Royal Blue and drew a slanted line to cover the tip of the nail starting really thin at the right and slanting down to the left by about 2-3 mm. Then I mirrored this line leaving a 1-2 mm gap. Between these lines I filled in with the dark blue glitter.

As you can see, I added another couple of lines in pale blue (shimmer) added 1 line between the top blue and glitter lines and then a line at the bottom of the design, all the time following the sweeping line. 

For the real thing I will be using black and pinky red with a little glitter to match my dress =) 
Hope you like =)

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  1. I love it! It's fancy but not too over the top. Like I said in your toe post, I gotta see the dress! The whole outfit now! LOL