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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nail Pods Review

I just thought I'd do a quick review of these nail soakers. I bought them mainly to remove glitter nail polish, because we all know what a pain that is! But they are also great for removing tips, acrylic and gel. The pics show me getting the last mani off (Some Like It Hot! and Edward) turns out Edward is quite stubborn! 
It was quite easy to get these on, I just filled the little pods up with acetone and put them on each finger. 

This is the tub they come in, it lists all the different nail treatments you can put in them e.g. acetone, nail whitener and nourishing oil.

I sat with them on for about 5 mins and as you can see from the middle finger, the polish just dissolves into the acetone and is left in the pod. I have to say though that although I do rate these pods when you take them off your fingers you do end up with a line around where the rubber stops the liquid coming out. They don't hurt though which is always a plus. Using acetone in these pods also leaves your finger tips really dry and it leaves a white residue on the skin, so make sure if you use them with acetone to wash your hands and liberally apply cuticle oil and hand cream! 

 I bought these nail soakers from eBay for about £7.50, so not bad I don't think, they certainly made light work of Edward =) 

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