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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Toe Nail Art and Sam The Cat

As the last post mentioned I'm going to a Ladies Night on Saturday, and my shoes are sling back peep toes so of course my nails need to look beautiful =) 

To make the nail art I used two 2 way nail art polishes in black and silver glitter, my thin nail art brush with Barry M's 'Raspberry' and 3 pink rhinestones on each big toe. And each nail ended up similar but not exact, but seen as though they're my toes I don't think people will be able to tell! 
I have used the same base as my fingers; Essence Jelly Baby 'Cotton Candy' and ChG 'White Cap'. Then I used Rimmel's Nail Tip Whitener. You can see this under the nail art, I painted a slanted tip going from the left corner to the right on the left foot and right down to left on the left foot. 

 The smaller toes are not as 'perfect' as the big toes just because they have small area to work with. 

 So here's both big toes and the main difference is where the rhinestones are placed because the black brush stroke is the opposite way round. 
 I started with the black strokes 1st. Make sure you base is completely dry (I didn't and dragged the white with the brush and had to start all over again!) I started by following the bottom line of the white tip and swept the brush from the bottom corner up to the centre of my nail and then did the same from the other side. I then added another brush stroke in the centre and curved it slightly. Then the mistake line in the top corner. Next I highlighted the black lines with my accent colour which I used Barry M's 'Raspberry' and then highlighted those lines with the glitter. I added some pinky/red dots in the gaps and then went a bit mad and added the 3 rhinestones. I use a tiny drop of nail glue to stick these on and then I seal it all in with a coat of SV. 
For the other toes, well I kinda made them up, again starting with the black then onto the pinky/red and finally the glitter. 

Alot of information but I hope it makes sense, hopefully you could give it ago. 

Onto my helper, Sam (1 of 3 cats of the house) He likes to wander around when I'm painting my nails hence the odd white cat hair in the pics! He was actually a great background for my pics (OK yes I was tickling with my toes when I discovered this!) 

Nails done so It's off to sleep for Sam =)


  1. I love that nail art! I don't know why more people don't show off their toes - especially if they take the time to do nail art on them. Anyway, these look really cute. Now I wanna see your shoes!

  2. this is beautiful!!! im your new follower i'd love if you follow me back

  3. really pretty!!!
    ur cat is soo cute!
    im ur brand new follower :P
    ifyou have time visit my blog and be follower!